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Mobile Slaughter Service available May through November. Apply Now

Tum Tum's Black Gilt Meats (Graham, Simone, & Tom) provide professional slaughter service in the Yukon Mobile Abattoir which allows inspected red meat to be sold at the retail level in the Yukon market place.

When you reserve local meat from a farmer, be sure to let them know when inspection is required. The farmer can then call us and we will help with the arrangements required to provide Yukon government inspected meat. To avoid disappointment, please make arrangements as early as possible.

Yukon Mobile Abattoir Manual (pdf)


Cost per animal:
Beef or Bison
Sheep or goats

Other costs:
travel at $2/km measured one-way from the Whitehorse city limits
* standby fees: the livestock owner may be charged up to $75/hour for unnecessary delays for which they are responsible.




Special Offers:

Early Bird Special: Beat the rush. Receive a 50% discount on per animal fees before September 15th

New Entrant Special: To make the paperwork worth it, per animal fees will be waived for the first use. (Mileage and standby fees, if applicable, still apply.)

Full House Special: maximize efficiency by booking 6 beef, bison, or elk, 10 sheep or goats, or 8 pigs in one day and the per animal fee for one of those animals is free.


Think you might want to use the abattoir, but don't know where to start? Give us a call and we will be happy to help you through the process.

The abattoir operators are equipped to skin, eviscerate, dress and cool animal carcasses. Other functions of slaughter must be provided by the farm.



















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